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Words from an Isis participant

A Prayer for Hope and Transformation Written by an Isis Participant I come to you tonight September 18, 2012 because I am stuck and I need your help with all of this stuff that keeps me sick, makes me feel as if my feet are in concrete.Help me to become the woman I can be and to embrace the woman I am now.Meet me where I am, hold my hand, guide me, direct me, comfort me, console me, cradle me in your arms, wrap your love around me like a blanket of protection.Help me to be the mother I can for my children, for this baby inside me.Don’t let me go. Don’t make it easy for me to walk away. Give me strength and courage, perseverance, hope, gumption, and a legion of angels to help me fight the battle within myself.Search me and know me. Protect me. Save me…most of all from myself.Love my children. Teach me how to keep my actions in line with my values.Help me to let go and no longer carry this mess.I lay this at your feet with love and hope for transformation.

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