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RE: Isis Rising Prison Doula Project & Everyday Miracles

Prison Doula Project Transitions to University of Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. – Everyday Miracles, Inc. is proud to announce the transition of the Isis Rising Prison Doula Project into the Minnesota Prison Doula Project. As of May 15, 2015, the Isis Rising Prison Doula Project will move to a new community partner and from this date forward be known as the Minnesota Prison Doula Project. This transition is an effort to expand pregnancy, birth, and parenting programs to women and girls throughout the state. Watch for the announcement of Minnesota Prison Doula Project’s new home in the coming days.

The Isis Rising Prison Doula Project was created as a program of Everyday Miracles. Since the Isis Rising Prison Doula Project began in 2009, the Project expanded and grew under the auspice of Everyday Miracles. Everyday Miracles wishes the Project continued success in providing essential birth and parenting services to incarcerated women.

Everyday Miracles, Inc. is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation formed in 2003 with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Everyday Miracles seeks to improve birth outcomes by providing childbirth education and professionally trained labor attendants (doulas) to underserved communities.

Minnesota Prison Doula Project is a prison‐based pregnancy, birth, and parenting program provided to incarcerated women. The Project includes individualized support for expectant incarcerated mothers along with a mothering group facilitated by its doulas, providing support during birth, along with the education and skills participants need to be stronger, more connected mothers.


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