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national prison doula training

National Prison doula training: October 19-21, 2018

This fall the MnPDP hosted a National Prison Doula Training where prison doulas, or those interested in practicing as a prison doula, from various states in the US, Canada and Mexico were able to learn from each other and from those working within the intersections of full-spectrum reproductive health, justice for incarcerated people, and health policy. Thank you to all who attended and shared knowledge and ideas with the group, we are looking forward to the next time we are together!

Thank you, everyone, who attended the first national prison doula training

Over the years we have received so many phone calls and emails about how to start a prison doula program. We don't see ourselves as experts but are always happy to share our lessons learned as we built, grew and sustained the Minnesota Prison Doula Project.
Our answer to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive on a weekly basis was to host a weekend where we could bring people together to learn from each other.

On a gorgeous October weekend in Minnesota we invited people from all over to connect with each other. In total we had over 90 people in attendance from 14 different states, Canada and Mexico.

Everyone spread out into cabins set among beautiful vibrant yellow trees at a rustic summer camp just west of Minneapolis. We ate not-so-great food together while we shared lessons learned, knowledge, laughter and tears. In the end it was an amazing weekend where we met so many people who are also in the throes of fighting for change in the criminal justice system. We look forward to continued conversations, new relationships and the opportunity to support one another for many years to come.

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